Short Stories/Work in Progress


by Roxanna Piedrafuette


There was a time in the first few years of their marriage that François and Mariana could not stop talking to each other, joking with each other, discussing their jobs and plans, the invincible and indivisible team that they felt they were. Now it was so rare to find enough time to enjoy together.

“there’s no perfect Man/QUE PERDONES A RAMÓN”

by Roxanna Piedrafuette


Angélica Pagán was a successful young woman, college educated, bilingual, with a great job and plenty of friends, but her family insisted that if she did not get married soon, none of that would matter. Did she have any other choice or would she end up an old maid? a despised and ridiculized jamona?




by Roxanna Piedrafuette


Él era simplemente un muchacho tímido tratando de impresionar a la chica de sus sueños, sin poder comprender que los sueños no se hacen, uno los hace realidad.

¿Cómo encontrar el verdadero amor? ¿Cómo lograr que esa persona especial que ha captado nuestra atención se encuentre igualmente cautivada por nosotros?


by Roxanna Piedrafuette


A coming of age story full of joy a love. Y alguna que otra malapalabra, pero lo que más importa es el amor.

“We ran everywhere; we climbed over fallen logs and debris, fences, chicken coops, trees, up the ladder into my grandmother’s roof from which we terrorized the housewives in our side of the barrio.”


Coming Soon:

“Adela’s walk”

by Roxanna Piedrafuette

“Adela was laying in bed with her eyes half-opened. In the surreal transition between waking and sleeping, she felt insubstantial, just another beam of light among the many that bounced off the walls and the sparse furniture of the bedroom. Not her bedroom, not her bed.”

“Adela’s Walk”, available on March 10, 2018, on

“Las Navidades del Chupacabras”

by Roxanna Piedrafuette

“Are you seriously going to step out of the car and check? Don’t you ever watch TV?

“Las Navidades del Chupacabras”, available on March 20, 2018, on

“The Day that he Proposed”

A techno-thriller by Roxanna Piedrafuette

“What would you say if your girlfriend was jealous of your smartphone? What would you do if your smartphone was murderously jealous of your girlfriend?

“The Day that He Proposed” a techno-thriller. First chapters available starting on May 1st, 2018, on

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