“My XXgrandmother Judith was born in the island of Puerto Rico in 19XX, my grandfather was born in Chicago, or so they tell me, “boricuas pa’ que tú lo sepas.” It was a strange time, the world was changing, the world is always changing, some times for the worst. My XXgrandmother marched in Washington, D.C. wearing a pink hat that time when a sexual predator was elected president of the United States. There was a lot of sadness, a lot of destruction then, and people questioned the souls of nations, but the important thing is that the best of humanity finally triumphed, like in a movie, and we moved forward, and we survived. And now, new generations here, on our mother planet, and on the rest of the solar system colonies are starting the painful but joyous task of rebuilding our civilization.”

MOON BORN, an exclusive short story in my collection: “Lizard-Monkeys and Other Stories” which will launch in December 2018.