Dust of flying saucers

During Christmas break, a guy without fashion sense commented on the possibility that the unknown 0.9% could be the Illuminati, and I thought that even if the Illuminati don’t exist the imaginative opportunity of this was too cool. If one pays close attention to the simplest things, one can change a boring world to a world full of magic. The opposite is also true.

See the picture below, for example. In between the two rainbows, just above the clouds, there is something that could be a flying saucer or a mote of dust. Wouldn’t it be the coolest thing ever if it were a UFO? It is most probably a speck of dust or the shadow of an airplane—Magic lost. But it could be a UFO!—Magic regained. And if it is a UFO, what does it want with Puerto Rico? But if it is an airplane: just a new bunch of tourists, which is good for the economy but not particularly exciting. What do you think?