When life gives you onions/Cuando la vida te da cebollas

My book "Lizard-Monkeys and Other Stories" is now available on paperback and ebook formats.

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FOR CONTACT INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT "EL MUNDO DE ROXANNA" PAGE. This blog is an ongoing experiment in the search for meaning in life. As such, it will evolve, turn around in circles, go forwards, backwards, and project itself into some improbable futures. There are posts in English, Spanish, and Spanglish, as I cannot weed out what I was to accommodate what I have become. Some times I am sad but mostly I am hopeful because I believe in happy interludes and I look forward to happy endings. The writing in this blog is about trying to understand the deepest nature of reality— whatever that is. In many instances I use gentle satire to formulate questions. I need to be genuine and that, sometimes, can be offensive. Sorry about it, nothing personal. You might have noticed that I carefully avoid some topics. Why do I do that? There is some degree of playfulness and a desire to make a refuge for myself and for other like-minded people. But mostly, I believe I can either use my space lecturing my readers about love, kindness, and mindfulness, or I can show how those things manifest themselves in stories and essays. I can criticize injustice with words and images that inflame and produce indignation, righteousness and hatred, or I can play with words that soothe, that make people think about the things that are worth loving in this world. And I chose to do just that.

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Escribir en Español

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Según estadísticas del año 2013, el español (o como lo llaman los españoles, castellano) es el segundo idioma más utilizado en el mundo en términos del número total de hablantes nativos, tercer lugar en lenguajes más usados en la internet, y el quinto lugar en términos de lenguajes de publicación de libros. Entonces, de seguro […]

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