When life gives you onions/Cuando la vida te da cebollas

Attention: This site contains posts in English, Spanish, and Spanglish. Atención: Ésta página contiene posts en español, inglés y espanglish.

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This blog is an ongoing experiment in the search for meaning in life. As such, it will evolve, turn around in circles, go forwards, backwards, and project itself into some improbable futures. It is also, for me, an exercise to learn the finer points of blogging, and a treat to entice me to write. There are posts in English, Spanish, and Spanglish, as I cannot weed out what I was to accomodate what I have become. Some times I am sad but mostly I am hopeful because I believe in happy interludes and I look forward to happy endings. And finally, the writing in this blog is about trying to understand the deepest nature of reality— whatever that is. In many instances I use gentle satire to formulate questions. I need to be genuine and that, sometimes, can be offensive. Sorry about it, nothing personal.

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Celebrating five ten

Celebrating five ten


RantInElla.com celebrates five and ten! Five months, ten posts of short essays containing stuff that nobody cares about! And we are proud of it. To mark this occasion, RantInElla.com’s Executive Director, Stick Person, and our Creative Team Lead, The-Voices-in-Your-Head discuss the status of our blog, exciting things to come in 2018, and insights behind our […]

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